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SBL is a 3-day conference which gathers thought leaders, learning stakeholders, and educators who teach through various platforms. Our aim is to use insightful analysis, commentary, and facilitated dialogue on best practices to help participants critically discuss how systemic inequities in race, gender, and socioeconomic status continue to shape and impact learning for Black children. At the conclusion of the conference, it is our hope that all participants will be charged to constantly seek and implement proven and innovative solutions that take action against the systemic inequalities facing black students.

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If you consider yourself or organization an educator or stakeholder in the education of black boys and girls:


For the purpose of SBL an EDUCATOR is defined as any person who provides positive instruction or education to students in the areas of academics, citizenship, sports and/or social/family support.


For the purpose of SBL a STAKEHOLDER is defined as any person, community and/or organization who will benefit directly from improving student outcomes and helping Black children learn.

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