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The Urban Reach Foundation supports the health, welfare, and educational interests of the Urban Academy of Greater Pittsburgh Charter School and provides professional development opportunities for educators, including the annual State of Black Learning Conference, held in Pittsburgh, PA. 

About The State of Black Learning

Historically, education has been seen as a ‘one size fits all’ system for students. Research shows this is not the case with Black students. Whether considering a child’s home life or integrating a learning strategy to enhance student engagement, it is essential to hone in on the ways in which educators interact with and teach Black students. SBL was designed to increase educator effectiveness and provide the tools necessary to help participants address all of the factors that improve student outcomes and help Black children learn.

Why The Need?

It is imperative that educators regularly engage in professional development opportunities that train and equip them to understand Black student development and improve their responsiveness to systemic inequalities that impact their everyday learning. Therefore, the mission of State of Black Learning (SBL) is to foster dialogue and provide practical tools for all educators (teachers, specialists, principals, administrative assistants, coaches and more) to incorporate sustainable resources into the work they do. Further aiming to cultivate personal and professional development among educators who value knowledge and the enhancement of students’ lives.

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