Session Form

Please use this form to document critical components of each session to be compiled into an action report that will serve as a resource guide for individuals who attended the conference and those who were unable to participate in the conference. You should focus on the following: keywords; key comments; general notes; important tips/takeaways; and summary of the session’s main idea and major themes. Please be concise but try not to rush. A recording will be provided to allow editing before submitting it if desired

If you consider yourself or organization an educator or stakeholder in the education of black boys and girls:


For the purpose of SBL an EDUCATOR is defined as any person who provides positive instruction or education to students in the areas of academics, citizenship, sports and/or social/family support.


For the purpose of SBL a STAKEHOLDER is defined as any person, community and/or organization who will benefit directly from improving student outcomes and helping Black children learn in the greater Pittsburgh region.

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